⭐️Set #4 is anticipated for 2019, 2023, & 2027⭐️

Are you a Missouri flutist getting ready for an All-State or All-Suburban/All-District audition?  I’ve recorded a series of ✨FREE✨ videos with tips & tricks for each excerpt.

Link to YouTube Playlist (7 videos)

Advanced Method p.12 #34

Advanced Method p.16 #54

Advanced Method p.54 #14

Advanced Method p.57 #22

Selected Studies p.17 “Adagio” by Andersen

Selected Studies p.40 “Gigue” by Bach

Advice for Scales

You can learn a lot from YouTube videos, but remember it’s the personalized feedback you get in private lessons that will make all the difference in your playing. If you’re in Saint Louis, I’d love to work with you – here’s how to get in touch.