“My daughter has been playing the flute since 5th grade. She asked can she stop playing the flute in middle school because she was no longer interested. In the spring of her 9th grade year she started taking flute lessons with Dr. Gilbert. After her first lesson she had a big smile on her face and I asked how was it. She said, “It was good, I really like her!” Dr. Gilbert’s exuberant and joyful spirit helped my daughter to love playing her flute. Dr. Gilbert allowed her to choose genres of music she was interested in and that changed my daughter’s perspective on playing. I don’t have to make her practice anymore, she does it on her own now.”

The parent of a high school student

“When our daughter decided to take lessons, we were thrilled but reluctant to begin the piano lesson battle that we remembered from childhood. But Dr. Gilbert is not your mother’s piano teacher! Within minutes of her first lesson, our daughter was able to have autonomy over her practice with improvisational pieces that allow her to express creativity while learning in a fun and relaxed environment.”

A parent of an elementary piano student