A few years ago, I realized that audio technology was more available than ever, and yet so often music lessons had stayed the same. It seemed like a missed opportunity, and so I invested in the equipment that would let us create our own recordings.

Now we’re further down that path, and it’s transformed my teaching. Here’s what I know about integrating recording into lessons:

  • It provides my youngest students with a challenge that comes ‘naturally’ from the computer: for example, can you play with the beat? Trying to stay in time with a GarageBand drummer is a lot more fun than listening to a teacher tell you to play without hesitating.
  • For my more advanced students, the process of hearing themselves helps them articulate their strengths and build intrinsic motivation for refining difficult technical skills.
  • For everyone, recording projects contribute to our identities as musicians – to know that we are capable of creating sounds that others will want to hear.

Plus, parents tell me they love hearing their students make progress.

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