“Lisa brings such a passion for music to each lesson, which is clearly expressed through my daughter’s excitement to attend each session. Of course Lisa expertly assists with the technical requirements of playing the instrument, learning the notes, and working through new music, but much more importantly Lisa and my daughter work through musical expression and ultimately the art of music. Those are the things that change someone from a flute player to a musician and an artist. My daughter’s time with Lisa is invaluable, and it will certainly be a firm foundation for years to come.”

The parent of a high school student

“My daughter LOVES her flute because of you.  She wanted to quit band in middle school and I wouldn’t let her.  I told her she didn’t have to take band next year, but to my surprise she signed up.  She doesn’t want to stop playing! I believe if she wasn’t taking lessons she would be done with band and her flute.  You helped her recognize the joy in playing music.  Thank you so much!”

The parent of a high school student

“My daughter has been playing the flute since 5th grade. She asked can she stop playing the flute in middle school because she was no longer interested. In the spring of her 9th grade year she started taking flute lessons with Dr. Gilbert. After her first lesson she had a big smile on her face and I asked how was it. She said, “It was good, I really like her!” Dr. Gilbert’s exuberant and joyful spirit helped my daughter to love playing her flute. Dr. Gilbert allowed her to choose genres of music she was interested in and that changed my daughter’s perspective on playing. I don’t have to make her practice anymore, she does it on her own now.”

The parent of a high school student

“I was in school band from fifth through eighth grade, and never had lessons. In high school, I joined orchestra right away. Then, sophomore year, Lisa and I started working together. I learned so much about how to play the flute and techniques that broadened my scope of what flute music could be. I was able to learn so much about the history of flute playing, and was able to experience it in a whole new way. I have improved immensely!”

A high school student

“Lisa is very easy going, supportive and positive during my daughters’ lessons. She introduces them to different and fun music and when requested works on school related music. In addition, Lisa spends time outside the lessons to communicate with parents, send music, give advice on instruments, provide feedback, share recorded work, and compile digital recitals. We are truly blessed to have found her!”

The parent of a middle & a high school student

“Lisa is an amazing piano instructor because she is a true musician and a passionate teacher. She gently encourages and teaches students of all ability levels from a place of genuine love for her craft and vast experience with a multitude of instruments. My shy, introverted daughter has grown into a passionate, confident piano player under the patient, positive, and knowledgeable teaching of Lisa Gilbert!”

The parent of an elementary school student

“We are both very grateful for all you have done for her over these years. You have created memories and love of music which will persist. We will not hesitate to recommend your lessons to others in the future.”

The parent of a student who graduated

“We truly appreciate your work with her and your approach to teaching. I personally love the way you make this an ‘art’ rather than simply going through the mechanics.”

The parent of a middle school student

“I love when my daughters get in the car and say, “That was a great lesson!”  We never had that with other lessons we have done.”

The parent of two students

“Lisa is a gem. I have two lovely daughters who have very different personalities. She meets each one of them where they are, finds what motivates them as individuals and truly helps them develop not only musical skill but their own voice. She truly cares about each of her students and it shows.”

The parent of two elementary piano students