My two kids (ages 7 and 9) really enjoy studying piano with Lisa Gilbert. She does an excellent job of tailoring her lessons to appeal to their different personalities and learning styles. And she makes it fun! I’m impressed with how much their skills have developed since they began studying with her.

A parent of two elementary piano students

“Lessons with Lisa are both entertaining and educational. I started lessons with very little knowledge, but after a few lessons I could tell I was learning and getting better. Overall, I learned a lot about how to play – and had a lot of fun!”

A high school student

“Following a few years of flute lessons that never really excited me, I ended up switching to lessons with Dr. Lisa Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert made me enjoy practicing for the first time, and this lead to great improvement from the stand still I was experiencing. She is very flexible when it comes to personal goals and preferences while maintaining high enough standards to encourage growth and skill development. I am now studying flute at the college level and can honestly say I wouldn’t be here without Dr. Gilbert’s help.”

A high school flute student

“Dr. Gilbert keeps my daughter motivated to practice by using strategies that allow room for student choice. She understands the demands of families who are balancing school and extracurricular activities with a flexible approach to student habits. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert for parents looking for a personal approach to encouraging their budding musician’s talents.”

A parent of an elementary student

“When our daughter decided to take lessons, we were thrilled but reluctant to begin the piano lesson battle that we remembered from childhood. But Dr. Gilbert is not your mother’s piano teacher! Within minutes of her first lesson, our daughter was able to have autonomy over her practice with improvisational pieces that allow her to express creativity while learning in a fun and relaxed environment.”

A parent of an elementary piano student

“I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the joy and energy you brought to this summer’s music camp. I loved hearing you speak during the introductions, your eloquence and your love for the path you have chosen in life shone through in your words and your smile. I spoke to [my sons] about you in the days following their recital and told them that you were an example of an individual who is walking their heart’s path…these experiences are never just about the music: they are about our children experiencing adults, other than parents, that establish that benchmark for excellence in so many facets. Those lessons that are caught, not taught, are the most important of all. Thanks again.”

A parent of two students at a summer music camp

“Thank you so much for keeping piano fun and enjoyable for my daughter. At this age when they usually want to quit everything, she has never mentioned stopping piano lessons!”

A parent of a middle school student

“I did want to say how very impressed I was with the lessons the kids had last week, I have sat through their lessons with all our prior teachers, and you are by far the very best we’ve had. I loved that both kids did not need to be re-directed, you had them both engaged, and found ways to connect with them. My daughter especially, she has not stopped playing her piece all week, she’s not needed to be told once to practice she has just done it! Such an improvement! Thank you, you have a true skill for teaching and connecting with children.”

A parent of two elementary-age students

“Dear Miss Lisa, you make me excited to come to piano. You make me laugh. It is so fun working with you.”

A note from an elementary school piano student

“I started lessons with Lisa because I wanted to get a higher grade on my playing quizzes. But now the flute has become so much more than that in my life. There is so much to learn and I want to know it all.”

A high school flute student