Halling från Ekshärad efter Per Löf

Per Löf (b. 1835) came from a musical family. His father was quite the fiddler and passed on the skill to his son, who then likewise became sought-after for weddings and other events. (Side note on spelling: I’ve seen his name spelled as Löf and as Lööf. Svenska Låtar has it as Löf so that’s what I’m going with!)

This halling, collected in 1869, comes from Ekshärad. It’s an example of the cross-fertilization that often happens along borders; while hallings are most strongly associated with Norway, the Svenska Låtar books note that hallings were also popular in upper Värmland and Dalarna.

Amazingly (and wonderfully) this tune was used in the video game UNRAVEL (produced by a Swedish company, you see). Here’s the version on their soundtrack – it’s quite awesome indeed.

If you’d like to play it too, here is sheet music complete with suggested chords (just right-click to save and print the image):

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